The beginning of Aerospace Engineering Area in the University of Leon was the creation, several years ago, of the Unaccredited Degree in Aeronautics. This way, Aerospace Engineering area started to teach the subjects related with:

The Aerospace Engineering Area has established as a reference thanks to the start of the official Aeronautical Engineering Degree and the creation of the Aerospace Technology Research Group.

Recently, thanks to the beginning of the European Higher Education Area, the degree structure has been modified into a four year course now called Aerospace Engineering Degree which has more subjects related with Aerospace Engineering topics.


Aerospace Engineering facilities are located in the north corner of the Industrial, Computer and Aerospace Engineering School, in the Campus de Vegazana, León..

More information about the Campus location and how to arrive there can be found in the University of Leon website.

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  1. Aerodynamics

  1. Jet Engines

  1. Propulsion

  1. Aerospace technology

  1. Rockets and missiles

  1. Aeronavigation

  1. Airports

  1. Air transport