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The goal of this page is to show you the academic and research activities carried out by the members of the area. Moreover, contact and current information of your interest are included.

Aerospace engineering has always been an exciting discipline in engineering world. It is one of the most advanced technologically, so it requires very high-qualified staff and research efforts. Furthermore, it is at the top of the security and reliability that involves again a very meticulous operation by the engineers. Finally, aeronautical systems are highly multidisciplinary and requires extensive knowledge in a lot of continually evolving issues: mechanics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, propulsion, telecommunications, energy, materials and structures, space, maintenance, civil works, etc., which demands transverse knowledge and continuous learning.

But if the challenge is big, the reward is bigger. All kinds of aviation, space conquest, enormous airports, wind turbines, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc., are examples of progress and evolution.

What we do, and you can see here, is our modest contribution to the aerospace engineering by means of qualified engineers and research projects that make bigger the human knowledge. By this way, we hope excited to be able of rise our presence in aerospace world and contribute to welfare improvement.

  1. Ph.D. Jesús Gonzalo de Grado

  2. Head of Aerospace Engineering Area

  3. University of Leon

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