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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that allows, with the help of a computer, to simulate the movement of a fluid and its heat transfer through numerical calculation, thus allowing to predict the phenomena that will occur in it in a quantitative way, based on the conservation laws that govern the movement of fluids.

Therefore, it is a really interesting element in engineering, both at an educational and professional level.

For its part, the Aerospace Engineering Area has among its R & D & i projects the study of fluid thermodynamics, meteorology for the study of air traffic and aerodynamic projects all based on this type of flow simulations. For this, the area has a Concurrent Design Room (CDF) composed of latest generation computers with the most updated engineering software. The área has CFD software such as Fluent (Ansys), X-Flow (Next Limit) and OpenFoam (open) to carry out these projects, in addition to being available to students who develop their TFG or TFM in relation to this subject within the department.

As mentioned, there are different softwares that allow this type of simulations, but it is worth highlighting OPENFoam, open source software, whose learning and use is promoted by the University of León, through simulation courses organized every year by the Aerospace Engineering Area in collaboration with the Castilla y León Supercomputing Center (SCAYLE).

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