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Miscellaneous Information:

Academic experience

Lecturer at University since 2001-02

Giving most of the courses in the Aerospace Engineering Area.

Currently in charge of Aerospace Technology, Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics and Satellites in the Bachellor in Aerospace Engineering, and Computer Fluid Dynamics in the Master of Aeronautic Engineering. He is also teaching Telecommunicactions in Emergencies in the Interuniversitary Master in Forest Fire Management. He is the director of the Computer Fluid Dynamic extension courses.

Research areas

More than 24 year-experience in the aerospace sector.

Development of stratospheric platforms for Earth observation and Communications.

Development of space missions based on Earth observation and communication satellites.

Aero-ejected launchers for nanosatellites.

Unconventional configurations of remotely piloted aerial vehicles: airships, helicopter convertible aircraft, modular airplanes and multi-copters.

Aeronautical meteorology using numerical models, flight control and trajectory optimization.

Anemometry of the atmospheric boundary layer.

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17 July 2019

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17 July 2019

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Unmanned Vehicles

17 July 2019