Aerospace technology is an introductory course to all the engineering disciplines involved in the current developments of aeronautical and space systems. Given the variety and complexity of these technologies, the content of the course tries to cover the fundamental systems that, in turn, allow a first understanding of the solutions adopted in the different subjects.

This includes the description of the standard atmosphere and the fundamentals of meteorology, fluid mechanics and aerodynamics. With these bases, the shapes of the airplanes their implications in the mechanics of flight are analysed. The types of engines and their elements are also part of the coverage of the course, which reviews in a descriptive way the rest of subsystems of the plane: hydraulic, electrical, fuel, etc.

The design and operation of airports and their radio-aids are also covered.

Finally, the fundamentals of space systems are explained, from the physics of orbital mechanics to the common subsystems in spacecraft.

In this course, the practice work is developed in the facilities of the Air Force Academia Básica del Aire, as a result of the collaboration that currently exists between the University of León and this important organisation.

The official information of the course can be found in study plans and the educational guide.