Francisco Escartí, current General Director of the technological development center that BOEING has in Europe and former General Manager of Iberia, delivered a conference in which he spoke about issues related to light materials, air traffic management, unmanned aircraft and fuel cells. The conference has been organized by the Aerospace Engineering Area. Escartí has ​​a privileged view of the Spanish and global aerospace sector, acquired not only in its current position in Boeing Research & Technology Europe (BR&TE), but also in its long trajectory in which it has occupied positions of responsibility related to the aerospace sector.

Francisco Escartí offered a brief introduction to the history and structure of the Boeing company, intimately linked to that of aeronautics itself. It also focused on current research and the solutions provided for air traffic management, clean propulsion systems, flight automation or aeronautical materials. In addition, throughout the presentation the importance of multidisciplinary projects, the great network of collaborators that Boeing has deployed over the years and the importance that R&D represents in the progress of the aerospace industry was highlighted.