The Aircraft Engine Installation subject proposes the study of the different subsystems and auxiliary elements present in aeronautical engines of all kinds.

The main questions that are developed in the framework of the subject include a detailed analysis of the principles of operation and design of critical components for the correct operation of the engine, such as its control mechanisms, lubrication, power transmission or anti-fire among others. In view of the content to be developed throughout the course, it is advisable to have previously taken the courses on jet engines, turboprop engines and propellers, propulsion and reciprocating engines.

This subject closes the block of those destined to provide students of the degree with a broad and detailed knowledge of aeronautical engines, from the elementary principles to the most modern advances in technology. This training allows our students to be specially prepared to perform any engineering job in the field of aerospace propulsion.

The official information of the course can be found in study plans and the educational guide.